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“I am extremely pleased to tell you my fourth full length album has been released and it’s called Fire Funmania. These are the ten best songs I have recorded in the past eighteen months. This album is more like my first album Manic Panic and the album cover image and colors purposely reflect that. Like Alex in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange I have returned to my evil self here.

Releasing a full length album is a huge deal for any musician. Saturday is my birthday and getting this released is my gift to myself. To celebrate I’m playing in Aachen, Germany. The event called DODT is very synthpunk and underground. I can’t wait to get on stage. Another way I’m going to celebrate the release of Fire Funmania is to write about each of the songs. A few songs are quite clear in their meanings but I love to talk about the technical side of production. I used a lot of vintage and new hardware on this release. Other songs such as Kissing Anne I think would benefit from some discussion or at least make a good read. No matter the content I believe all music is art. It should be a human right to freely express yourself without fear. Song writing is one of the most important things in my life.

If you like my music or just like reading Wire to the Ear the best way to say thank you is to buy this release. The digital release is available today on iTunes, Beatport and Amazon MP3. In the coming weeks there will be a CD a limited edition 12″ vinyl and cassette.”
Oliver Chesler – The Horrorist

Fire Funmania by The Horrorist

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